August 29, 2016

Photo Restoration



When you find an old photograph or Artwork from someone who has been near and dear to you, don’t disregard it or throw it out because of damage. This classical portrait of Jacquelina has been restored and saved for all our family members. Now with the popularity of genealogy on the web and television, my expertise in restoring old photographs gives my clients a link to their past. Plus, as in Jacquelina’s portrait, the sense of art in portraiture that once existed. This image was restored and printed on real photographic paper with the same visual look it had when it was originally produced.




  • Moderate Discoloration or Faded
  • Edges Damaged or Water Damage
  • Photo Torn (No Missing Pieces)
  • Photo Cracked (Non Facial Area)

$200.00 per image or quote on multiple images


  • Severely Discolored or Faded
  • Torn Photo, Missing pieces, Cracks in Facial Area
  • Stuck to Glass, Severe Stains and More
  • Mold, mildew, color shifts

$ 300.00 per image


Please Call For An Estimate

For images over 8.5 x 11 there is an additional scan fee.

Call for information on manipulated images, burning CD/DVD, and
transferring slides to digital files.

Photography and Art Restoration Services Include:

  • A high resolution scan of the image.
  • Color correction and or black and white conversion.
  • Complete image restoration which includes the removal of water spots, tears, wrinkles ,etc.
  • A finished custom photograph with framing optional.
  • A low resolution digital file for social media or email and a high resolution file at an additional cost.